Jesse Parent is an incoming M.S. student in the The Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute at UC San Diego. He is currently director & founder of the Cognition Futures group under Dr. Bradly Alicea at Orthogonal Research and Education Lab (OREL)
Jesse is also a Senior Research Associate under Dr. David Turock at a proprietary HealthTech R&D group.  He is a cofounder at PlotTwisters.org, building EdTech and facilitating use-inspired research on self-reflection and emotional literacy.  Jesse is developing an organization to support early-career researchers and associated interdisciplinary projects.
Jesse's primary research interests center around embodied and diverse intelligences, with particular exploration of the influence of biological & cognitive developmental on both natural and artificial intelligence. He is also interested neuro-bio-feedback, methods of biometric data acquisition, and technological affordances as they relate to perception, psychological, emotional, mental, and other phenomenological components. 


Jes Parent

Embodied & Diverse Intelligences: Development, Learning & Evolution across Biological, Cognitive, and Artificial Domains

jeparent [@] ucsd.edu

1. Halıcıoğlu Data Science Institute, UCSD, San Diego CA

2. Cognition Futures, OREL, Boston MA



  • CSGrad4US, National Science Foundation
  • Centre For Effective Altruism
  • StateOfTheArt.AI
  • The Research Foundation for SUNY
  • University at Albany, SUNY