Featured Publications

Embodied cognitive morphogenesis as a route to intelligent systems

Bradly Alicea, R. Gordon, Jesse Parent

Interface Focus, vol. 13(3), Royal Society, 2023

Layers, Folds, and Semi-Neuronal Information Processing

Bradly Alicea, Jesse Parent

Procedia Computer Science, vol. 213, 2022, pp. 443-452

Braitenberg Vehicles as Developmental Neurosimulation

Stefan Dvoretskii, Ziyi Gong, Ankit Gupta, Jesse Parent, Bradly Alicea

CogNet, Artificial Life, vol. 28(3), 2022, pp. 369–395

Neuromatch Academy: a 3-week, online summer school in computational neuroscience

't Hart et al

Journal of Open Source Education, vol. 5(49), The Open Journal, 2022, p. 118

Gibsonian Information: an agent-based paradigm for quantitative information

Bradly Alicea, Daniela Cialfi, Avery Lim, Jesse Parent

Studies in Computational Intelligence, V.V. Klimov, D.J. Kelley, Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures 2021, BICA 2021, vol. 1032, Springer, 2021

Meta-brain Models: biologically-inspired cognitive agents

Bradly Alicea, Jesse Parent

IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 2021

Periodicity in the embryo: Emergence of order in space, diffusion of order in time

Bradly Alicea, Jesse Parent, Ujjwal Singh

Biosystems, vol. 204, 2021, p. 104405

Towards socially intelligent HRI systems: quantifying emotional, social, and relational context in real-world human interactions

Jesse Parent, Yelin Kim

AAAI Fall Symposium Series, Artificial Intelligence for Human-Robot Interaction, AAAI Technical Report FS-17-01, Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, 2017

Books & Chapters

The Psychophysical World of the Motile Diatom Bacillaria paradoxa

Bradly Alicea, Richard Gordon, Jesse Parent

Diatoms: Biology and Applications, Janice L. Pappas, The Mathematical Biology of Diatoms, Scrivener Publishing, 2023, pp. 229-263


Trajectories in Cognitive Science

Bradly Alicea, Jesse Parent, A. Lim, Anusha Sharma


Preprints & Misc

Open-source Community Sustainability using Agent-based Models

Bradly Alicea, Hussain Ather, Himanshu Chougule, Brian McCorkle, Jesse Parent


Embodied Intelligence Workshop Presentations from Orthogonal Lab

Bradly Alicea, Jesse Parent, Stefan Dvoretskii


Embodied Continual Learning Across Developmental Time Via Developmental Braitenberg Vehicles

Bradly Alicea, Rishabh Chakrabarty, Akshara Gopi, Avery Lim, Jesse Parent

arXiv.org, 2021


The Quest to End Human Trafficking: An Educational and Practical Guide for Everyone Who Wants to Help Break the Bonds and Assist Survivors

Dennis W. McCarty

Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity Faculty Scholarship, 8th ed., 2023 Apr